Cape Breton’s Treasure

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who died and who were injured in the unspeakably senseless bombing that took place recently in Boston.

File:NS CapeBretonHighlands2 tango7174.jpgCape Breton Highlands National Park – Wikipedia photo. Author: Tango 7174

Closer to home we also mourn a great Canadian who passed away in the evening of April 16th, 2013.

Rita MacNeil, Cape Breton’s legendary singer and songwriter who lifted the souls of Canadians with her beautiful, ageless and inspiring songs about Nova Scotia and Canadians in general was 68 years old.

The following is an excerpt from one of her most beloved songs about Cape Breton.

“I see the mountains, feel the salt  air I have reasons to behold All the wonders that never cease to be
You’re as timeless as the water You’re as gentle as the fields I  caress you, oh, Cape Breton in my dreams
And  you never let the hard times Take  away your soul And you stopped the  tears from falling As you watched  the young ones go
You’re as  peaceful as a clear day You’re as  rugged as the seas I caress you,  oh, Cape Breton in my dreams
And home I’ll be, Home  I’ll be. Banish thoughts of  leaving. Home I’ll  be.
I see the blue lakes, feel  the passion I have reasons to  believe There are places that will  bring you to your knees…” Rita MacNeil (1944-2013) Home I’ll Be.

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