Gabrielle Roy

MANITOBA MUSINGS: One last quote for ‘I love to Read Month’ from French Canadian author: Gabrielle Roy.

  Wikipedia photo.

Nous connaîtrions-nous seulement un peu nous-mêmes, sans les arts?

“Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?” – Gabrielle Roy.

This quote is found in tiny print on the left hand side of Canada’s twenty dollar bill. Gabrielle Roy (1909-1983) was born in Saint Boniface (part of Winnipeg, Manitoba) and educated at Saint Joseph’s Academy. After training as a teacher at The Winnipeg Normal School, she taught in rural schools and then in Provencher School in Saint Boniface.

Some of her work includes The Tin Flute (Bonheur d’occasion) (1945), Where Nests the Water Hen (La Petite Poule d’Eau) (1950), Street of Riches (Rue Deschambault) (1955) and The Hidden Mountain (La Montagne secrète) (1961). The Tin Flute won the 1947 Governor General’s Award.

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