Nellie on winter ….

506Nellie McClung …..ever the eternal optimist……on winter in Manitoba…

MANITOBA MUSINGS: “I loved the winter scene, even when the wind whipped the loose snow into billows which, rising and falling, obscured the landscape. Plenty of snow meant moisture for the soil, and the deadly frost killed noisome insects and made possible No. 1 Hard wheat, which was our fortune. There was a kindness in the cold. It made food taste better, fires burn more brightly, and brought people into closer family circles. I knew what the psalmist meant when he spoke of the virtuous woman who was “not afraid of the snow for her household.” She knew it drove her family into the circle of lamplight, and made it easier to get the children to do their homework, and strengthened the bonds of affection.” – Nellie McClung, Clearing in the West. McClung was an important Canadian leader and social reformer and helped to secure the right to vote for women in Canada. She also published numerous stories, a novel and two memoirs. This is from one of them.

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