Sunny skies and overhanging boughs reflected in the La Salle River in Elie, Manitoba last summer.

The holidays are over. The bills are due. And it is January, cold, crisp, bleak uninviting January. But this month also means a fresh start, a clean slate and 365 more chances to live positively, each day, one day at a time. And this week, somewhat miraculously, has not at all been a typical January week. It has been, blessedly mild, with melting snow, temps around zero. Today is to go to plus 2, definitely a great day for a winter walk or for opening the windows to let the fresh air in. – C.G.

“He growled at morning, noon, and night,/ And trouble sought to borrow;/ Although today the sky was bright,/ He knew t’would storm tomorrow;/ A thought of joy he could not stand,/ And struggled to resist it;/ Though sunshine dappled all the land/ This sorry pessimist it.” – Nixon Waterman (1859 – 1944) was an American newspaper writer, poet and lecturer, prominent in the 1890s.

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